Our Mission Statement

  • We will strive to provide extraordinary, cost-effective care which exceeds the accepted standards of our industry.
  • We will focus on patient perceived quality of life.
  • It is our intent to help patients and their families attain and maintain the highest level of independent functioning possible and to allow then to remain at home for as long as safely possible.
  • When progress plateaus or when the patient can no longer benefit from our services, we will assist the patient and family in their decision-making process and provide them with outside referrals as indicated.
  • If a patient’s condition becomes terminal or when their disease is progressive and not responding to medical treatment, we will make every effort to introduce them to the Hospice philosophy and in conjunction with their physician, will make appropriate referrals.
  • We, at Serenity Home Health, wish to be a source of comfort and education to all those we serve.