Chronic Disease Management and Education

Depression, anxiety, and stress are some of the most common complications of chronic diseases; however, proper management of the disease is an effective way at combating these complications after a diagnosis. Through integrated care, our professional health care team’s goal is to reduce the complications and effects of diseases, teach our patients how to self-manage, all while improving the quality of life. Our disease management program will support and educate patients, as well as provide access to resources, helping them to live with their illness independently at home.

Serenity Home Health’s chronic disease management program was developed to work hand in hand with the patient’s physician. One of the most important aspects of the program includes customized counseling and patient education. Through our education portion of the program, patients grow an understanding of their condition, learn how to manage medications, as well as important lifestyle factors such as diet, nutrition, and exercise. In some cases, our innovative technology allows our nurses to remotely monitor and record patient vitals, such as blood pressure, oxygen, and heart rate. This further promotes independent living without the worries of tracking your own vitals.

There are many benefits to choosing a chronic disease management service to help manage your disease. Our patients benefit from early detection of serious problems. Because of this, they generally experience less hospital admissions and emergency room visits. Our program also allows patients to self manage their disease, reducing symptoms and conditions, to improve their quality of life. There is peace of mind in each of our patients and their families knowing they are in good hands with Serenity Home Health.

"I had very good care with this health care service. I am pleased with them. I would recommend this service to anyone! If I need it again I would go through you guys again."

Donna MullinAugusta

"All of the people who gave me home health care were very friendly, caring, knowledgeable about their services and willing to always listen to what I had to say or to answer any questions I had. Thank you for all your help in improving my overall health and all the advice you gave."

Mack OrsbonWichita

"I have never been upset with any of the care I am receiving from you. My nurses are all very nice, I love them. They are all kind and respectful, thank you very much."

Norma PearsonWichita
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