Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapy

Sometimes recovery from surgeries, illnesses, or injuries means relearning how to complete daily tasks. Serenity Home Health offers a wide array of therapeutic services to help patients recover, sustain, or improve strength, mobility, coordination, as well as communicative and living skills. Our therapists develop individualized plans with each patient to augment the opportunity for independent living and improved quality of life. Our home services allow patients the safety, convenience, and comfort of never leaving the house, while also enabling families to become closely involved in the rehabilitation process. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical Therapy – especially beneficial to increase physical mobility and strength in post-operative patients, those healing from injury, and elderly patients.
  • Occupational Therapy – assists in regaining motor functions and reasoning skills
  • Speech and Language Therapy – improves speech as well as breathing and lung functionality

Serenity Home Health also offers home infusion (IV) services. We combine pharmacy and nursing services to make it possible for our patients to receive prescribed medications through intravenous lines or injections while at home. Serenity Home Health can provide the nursing support for successful home infusion therapy and coordinate with local pharmacies. We offer a comprehensive range of infusion therapies from TPN, chemotherapy, antibiotics and pain management to many other specialized therapies. These therapies can be provided alone or together with a wide range of Serenity Home Health home nursing services. All of our services include the latest equipment and techniques to attain the most complete recovery in the least amount of time.

"I had very good care with this health care service. I am pleased with them. I would recommend this service to anyone! If I need it again I would go through you guys again."

Donna MullinAugusta

"All of the people who gave me home health care were very friendly, caring, knowledgeable about their services and willing to always listen to what I had to say or to answer any questions I had. Thank you for all your help in improving my overall health and all the advice you gave."

Mack OrsbonWichita

"I have never been upset with any of the care I am receiving from you. My nurses are all very nice, I love them. They are all kind and respectful, thank you very much."

Norma PearsonWichita
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